The green place

My name is Hilary, and I am the green space manager of MakeIt Labs, a maker space in Nashua, NH.

There is a scene in a movie Mad Max, where women are traveling across a desert in search for the green place. In the setting of this post-apocalyptic world, the green place is where the water is, it is where they are all from, where they grew up, and their purpose is to reclaim the green place from the throes of the evil villain, who rations water from the people.

In our world, I believe that green places are everywhere, and it is our duty to curate them. I like to reclaim them with gardens. I encourage you to look around at all the green places and find a way to do something creative and fun with them, whether it is to have a picnic lunch, play ball, or spread a blanket out under a shady tree and read a book for a few hours.